FHQ Developments Ltd.

FHQ Developments Ltd.

In 2010, the 11 member First Nation communities of File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC), representing over 15,000 First Nation citizens and 435,000 acres of reserve lands in Treaty 4 territory, formed FHQ Developments as a limited partnership agreement.  The partnership’s owners are the eleven member First Nation Communities and FHQTC.

FHQ Developments was appointed as the ‘General Partner’ for the partnership charged with the mandate of carrying on all economic development business activities for and on behalf of the Limited Liability Partnership.

The mission of FHQ Developments isWe contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our Limited Partners and our citizens by developing profitable business ventures, economic development opportunities, and advancing employment and livelihood for our Nations and citizens in a manner consistent with the Nehiyaw (Cree), Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) Nations teachings..’

FHQ Developments has four core business objectives:

  1. Building Strong Business Development Partnerships
  2. Investing in Sustainable Opportunities that provide equity ownership in key economic sectors.
  3. Supporting and Promoting Community Economic Development.
  4. Providing access to labour market and employment services to First Nation job seekers and employers.

We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan at 490 Hoffer Drive, and we are open to creating mutually beneficial partnerships with successful corporations.

For complete information on FHQ Developments, please visit: www.FHQDev.com



Thomas Benjoe
Phone: 306-790-2352
Fax: 306-790-2355
Email: tbenjoe@fhqdev.com

Business Advisor

Murray Gettle, mba, cfa
Phone: 306-570-2568
Fax: 306-790-2355
Email: mgettle@fhqdev.com

Office Administrator

Tara Pelletier
Phone: 306-790-2350
Fax: 306-790-2355
Email: tpelletier@fhqdev.com

ERS Human Resources Coordinator

Michelle Amyotte-Kupusa
Phone: 306-790-2350
Fax: 306-790-2355
Email: mkupusa@fhqdev.com

Labour Market and Employment Services:

Manager, Employment & Retention Services

Jason Koochicum
Phone: 306-541-5739
Email: jkoochicum@fhqdev.com


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