Chief Marie-Anne DayWalker-Pelletier SCHOLARSHIP 2023-2024



Field of Study Eligibility

Each year, the scholarship will be geared to a specific academic field; For the first year, the scholarship will be offered for students who complete the 2023-2024 Academic Year

1) $5,000 – Sciences – Environmental Protection

2) $5,000 – Language Retention

The academic field/area will change each academic year to support a broader reach of financial support to students from FHQTC region. The total contribution over 4 Years will be $40,000.

In 1981 Chief Marie-Anne DayWalker-Pelletier became the first female Chief of her community at the age of 26. After 40 years of continuous service as Chief of Okanese First Nation, she received the Order of Canada (2018) and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2021). Chief DayWalker-Pelletier retired in 2020.

Over her many years of service, Chief DayWalker-Pelletier was and is a strong advocate for women, children, Indigenous rights, Inherent & Treaty rights, culture, environment, language, and a plethora of issues facing Indigenous people today.



1) Undergrad (Bachelor’s Degree.) (a) Applicant must show proof of enrollment.

2) Maintain 70% GPA or higher. (a) Applicant must show proof of grades and average.

3) Must be a Student who is a registered member from one of the FHQTC First Nations.

4) Only eligible to receive scholarship once (not eligible to reapply for second scholarship.)

5) Written Essay on relevant clauses. (ie-MMIWG/TRC Calls to Action/UNDRIP/etc)

6) Be sure to include your community in your essay. How will this impact your community?

Successful recipients will make a presentation to either their First Nation and/or Tribal Council.

For more information, please call Leanne Delorme call at (306) 332-8200

Please Submit Applications to