The purpose of the FHQ Tribal Council Education Department is to support our member nations in the delivery of quality education for their children. The vision is to create an educational system that will provide culturally relevant education that holistically addresses all domains and fosters the development of healthy, productive community members who are wise in the ways of his/her world and the world of others.

  • FHQ is specifically mandated with providing:
  • developing systems accountability for school improvement
  • qualified and professional services to participating First Nation Schools
  • advisory services related to Education in areas of Policy Development, Governance and School Operations
  • special education assessment and advice
  • school psychologist services
  • speech therapist services
  • classroom consultation
  • curriculum initiatives support
  • core curriculum implementation
  • computer support to students, staff and school administration
  • administrator and teacher supervision
  • liaison with Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning related to student registration and student records

To find out more about the programs and services being offered by FQH Tribal Council’s Education Department contact:

Phone: 1 (306) 332-8200
Fax: (306) 332-1811
Website: FHQ Education

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