Lifespeakers Council

FHQTC Lifespeakers Council

The Lifespeakers Council consists of prominent community Elders, knowledge keepers, and past tribal political figures. The Life Speakers are often called upon for guidance.

Statement of Purpose

We shall be the Kâkîsiwayîtôtâtomôwat Pimâtisiwin, Kahkîsiwētahāpēŝik Pimahtisīwin, and Wescasa Tunka. Our name has been given to us through ceremony. Our name means “Those that Speak Loudly About Life”. Based on this guidance, and discussion and consensus we consider ourselves to be “Life Speakers”.  We have all held various roles and responsibilities in our life that have guided us along our journey, we will use our life experiences to be advisors that shall:

  • respect the decisions and experiences of those that are on this Council and leadership;
  • make important contributions toward supporting and promoting the vision, guiding principles and mission of the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC).
  • provide a senior advisory body for the Chiefs of the Tribal Council through leadership forums to provide knowledge, life experience and wisdom on various issues of the day.
  • foster unity with and among the Chiefs, First Nations’ government and citizens, and within this body.
  • speak to and protect those yet unborn.
  • uphold Treaty and Inherent Rights.

promote and respect the sovereignty of each First Nation and their Nationhood –– Nehiyaw, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Saulteaux – as each have the Inherent right to governance so that our Nations can continue with a strong foundation in their history.

Roles and Responsibilities

As Life Speakers our responsibilities and roles are to speak for the life of those that are yet to come to ensure that Treaty and Inherent Rights continue and stay strong, as such:

  1. We have the responsibility to speak on issues and to do so with honesty and respect, and listen openly and with respect in all our matters.
  2. The Life Speakers Council may serve as the primary counsel for the introduction and deliberation of issues when applicable and when called upon, and provide recommendations before these issues go to the Chiefs Forum when they affect:
    1. The File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council;
    2. Member Nations, including the Chief and Council; and
    3. Inherent and treaty rights.
  3. We shall make ourselves available when called upon for help and advice in leadership forums.
  4. This Council will not impinge on the right of each Member Nation to consult with, gain information and seek advice for their internal operations and their own interpretation of Inherent and Treaty Rights. However, the Council shall be available to Member Nations when called upon.
  5. We shall strive to help the Nations and citizens with Tribal Council with regard to information and access of its programs and services.
  6. We shall keep our advisory role forefront in all our endeavors, and refrain from political involvement.

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