Technical Services

Technical Services

Community Planning & Capital

  • Physical Development Community Plans
  • 5 year Community Plans
  • Participate in project teams for major capital projects
  • Advises and assists in contracting and engineering services
  • Assists with Comprehensive Community Based Planning

Information Systems

  • Maintains an inventory of community facilities and assets through the Capital Asset Inventory System (CAIS), updated annually.
  • Capital Management Database _ Housing and Infrastructure, updated annually
  • Provides technical support to capital projects and management
  • Provides computer-assisted drafting and design services
  • Updates community maps
  • Conducts Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying
  • Main Inside Heading

Fire & Safety

  • Dwelling Fire & Safety Inspections
  • Compliance to National Building Code, National Fire Code, and other environmental and specifications standards
  • Fire Incident inspection & reporting
  • Assist in Emergency Disaster operations

Housing Services

  • Certified and Licensed Inspectors
  • Conduct site and code compliance inspections for new housing and renovations
  • CMHC Section 95 new housing and Regular & Disabled RRAP
  • Plumbing inspections
  • INAC Reporting Cyclical Housing Condition Inspections
  • CMHC Physical Condition Report inspections (PCRs)
  • Provides housing design, specifications and assistance & advice in housing capital
  • Coordinates and conducts capacity building training for First Nations housing coordinators in contracting and construction
  • Provides technical advice on engineering constructions and building design issues
  • Assists First Nations with New Housing and Renovation application packages.
  • Complete plans (blueprint) review for housing & buildings
  • Provide R2000 Energy Efficient information for housing

Maintenance Management

  • Coordinates Building Systems Maintenance Training
  • Advises in the maintenance of water/sewer and building systems, roads and landfills
  • Water Treatment Plant certified operator monitoring & advisory services
  • Provides training and advice to First Nations maintenance staff
  • Provides Maintenance Management System records & scheduling for assets


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